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The Personality Resume

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Would you rather be an African elephant or an Asian elephant? Why?...asian. cause i like asian food.
Would you rather freeze to death or burn alive? Why?freeze to death. cause burning to death would be hell.
Name three movies you like...just three?! office space, sabrina, HPPoA, alice in wonderland, thirteen, breakfast club, elf, superstar, chicago, moulin rouge, sisterhood of the traveling pants, shrek
Name three books you likeall harry potter books, a series of unfortunate events, tangerine, the outsiders, gingerbread, skipping christmas, double dutch, princess diaries, junie b. jones
Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? Which one(s)? Why?ron. hes sooooooooo cute and funny!!!!!!!!!!
Republican, Democrat or other? Why?democrat cause im very liberal
Attendance percentage at high school dances?there havent been any yet, so 100%
What television shows do you watch regularly?the oc, veronica mars, SNL
Abortion is...fine, but i prefer the adoption option
The death penalty is...letting sickos get off easy
How do you take your coffee?in frappucino form
How do you take your tea?oooh, i <3 tea. chai tea, and sweet tea, and green tea, and earl grey tea, and chamomille tea, yummy!!
Who's your favorite teacher/professor?ms bollmer, mrs stevens, mr harbin
How do you feel about your parents?....uh......
What sort of music do you listen to?good music. blondie, other 80's stuff, linkin park, green day, hawthorne heights, FALL OUT BOY, weezer, alanis morrisette, avril lavigne, the used, MCR
List five or ten bands you listen to.uh....see above
Do you use public transportation?i wish public transportation was even OFFERED to me. i cant get a ride anywhere, now that gas costs as much as a gallon of GODDAMN MILK!
Ever told someone you love him/her?besides my family/
Morning person, night person or both?both
Siblings?heh. five.
What are your friends like?the kind of people i wish i could be.
Amusement parks are?SO FUN!
Cafeterias are?a place to socialize
Dogs are?AWESOME! cats are cool, too!
Any phobias, traumas or other weirdnesses?.....spiders......::shivers::........they want me to tapdance. i dont want to tapdance.

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Song That Makes You...

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Song that makes you happyfall out boy - sugar, we're going down
Song that makes you want to crykelly clarkson - hear me
Song that makes you feel dreamyclick 5 - just the girl
Song that makes you sleepyU2 - you can't make it on your own
Song that makes you want to dancefall out boy - sugar, we're going down
Song that makes you want to close your earsfitty cent - candy shop
Song that makes you think of that special someonefall out boy - sugar, we're going down
Song that makes you feel relaxedno doubt - running
Song that makes you feel inspiredfall out boy - sugar, we're going down
Song that makes you want to sing along:fall out boy - sugar, we're going down, REM - bad day

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[the alphabet survey]

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Act your age14
Born on what day of the weektuesday
Chore you hatevacuuming
Dad's namescott
Essentail make-up itemeyeliner
Favorite actors/actressesrupert grint
Gold or sliversilver
Instruments you playnone
Job titleauthor/actress
Kids2 at the most....Madelynne Catherine and Gabriel Evin
Living arrangementsmom,dad,brothers #1,2, and 3, sisters #1 and 2
Mom's nameCatherine
Number of socks you own-giggles hysterically-
Overnight hospital staysa few when i was a baby
Quote you like"dont go around saying the world owes you something. the world owes you nothing. it was here first." - Mark Twain
Religious affiliationcatholic
Siblings5 - 3 little brothers, 2 little sisters
Time you woke up today7:00 am
Unusual habitsjust being me
Vicious thing you've donelistened to britney spears....lmao
Worst habitbiting my fingernails
X-rays you've hadwhen i broke my ankle
Your favorite seasonspring
Zodiac signpisces

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rupert grint

-le sigh-

im kinda depressed today. homecoming is coming up, and daniel and daniel's girlfriend are still going out, almost six months soon (i refuse to call her by her name, because giving her a name makes her human and permanent. by calling her "daniel's girlfriend", im giving her a temporary title. yes.) everytime i see him, all i see in myself are the imperfections that seperate me and daniel's girlfriend. shes so...perfect. grr. brittany doesnt understand why i like him. he makes me laugh, and he makes me feel so great, and hes so adorable. gah, he gives the greatest guy-hugs ever. if him and daniel's girlfriend are going to homecoming, i dont care who asks me. i wont go.
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